Market analysis of forged parts

add time: 2018-07-17      From:Fangyuan Forging Co., Ltd.

Forgings in fact, China's forging companies in China rarely produce drawings and design methods for forgings. In fact, this is not only a concern for enterprises, but many domestic manufacturers have no concept, product drawings in the past. Besides, "no problem" is the biggest concern of the main factory.

A group of data from the China Forging Association showed that in 2009, China's automobile forging production reached 3.68 million tons of die forged parts of 479 million tons. The entire industry forged production of approximately 7.76 million tons. From a quality point of view, China's automobile forgings have a considerable gap with the forging world powers Germany and Japan, and France, Italy, South Korea, and Taiwan are not at the same level. China's forging equipment is still using friction screw presses, while other casting countries are basically using hot die forging presses and electro-hydraulic hammers. At the same time, there are too few domestic forging industry groups and strategic alliances, and the low attractiveness of talents in the whole industry has formed a vicious circle of lower and lower talent levels. As Zhang Qun said, if this trend continues, the Chinese forging industry will not be able to attract the best professionals. It seems that the fear of the company is not unreasonable. Compared with Japan and Germany, two major automobile forging world powers, the forging industry of the former automobile power country in the United States has begun to embark on the road of decline. If the Chinese forging industry has not yet realized a little, it may set foot on the old road of the United States.

However, fortunately, there is good news in front of us. According to the calculation of simple urban population and automobile penetration rate, if the current model is developed, the production of Chinese automobile forged parts may reach other countries except China. And the sum of 17 million tons, this is a rather huge number. Zhang Jin believes that the localization rate of auto joint venture products is getting higher and higher. More and more forged parts are purchased from China, and manufacturers from other countries have begun to buy parts in China, which provides opportunities for forged parts in China. It can be seen that China's forgings market still has certain potential.



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